Yoga pose for back pain

yoga pose for back pain

I will tell you about a yoga pose that is immediately going to help you relieve a lot of pain in your back and will help reduce stress and anxiety. This pose you can do at your home or in your office as all you need is a wall and a mat or carpet.

Does yoga help in Back Pain?

This pose for the mind and body has many health benefits that are going to make tremendous changes in your body immediately so if you are in constant stress, lower back pain or notice that your system is not working as it should, I challenge everyone out there to try this yoga pose. Find a cosy wall, lie down on carpet or mat flat on your back, bring your buttocks close to it and start working your legs up on the wall until they are straight up. adjust your legs until you sort of form an L shape. It is optional to use a pillow under your back if you have lower back problems. Now once your in that position, close your eyes and try to rest for about 3 to 5 minutes in the same position. Take deep breaths from your nose and blow it out of your mouth.

This relaxing position will lower your heart rate, lower anxiety levels and overall increase your health. It also helps you increase your blood flow, reduces swelling in your body and increase blood circulation. So when your legs are on the wall your vertebrae are going to relax which is going to release pressure on your discs and will increase your blood flow. This is a perfectly relaxing position for lower back problems, we, however, recommend that you consult your doctor before doing this pose if you have serious back issues. This exercise also helps in reducing sciatica pain.

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