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Think about just how much work your feet do daily. The standard, reasonably active person does around 7,500 actions each day. That’s practically walking the equator five times in a lifetime. Yet, our feet are often taken for granted. A great deal of us do not pay much interest to our feet till issues occur. And also, after that, since some foot and reduced arm or leg troubles vanish with time, remainder, and natural home remedy, a lot of us postpone seeking professional help. No matter how active you are, your feet are worthy of a treat. If you’re experiencing any foot or reduced arm or leg pain or simply worried regarding the health and wellness of your feet, pay a foot and ankle expert a go-to. Enjoy complying with benefits, and also, your feet will thank you. 


  • Protecting against future foot problems 
  • Comprehensive expertise on the internal as well as external makeup of feet as well as lower arm or legs 
  • Specialised approach to medical diagnoses and also therapies as compared to family doctors 
  • No need for an appointment; you can simply walk-in  
  • Tailored recommendations for long-term foot health and wellness 


Diagnosis, treatment, as well as rehabilitation of foot and also lower arm or leg problems

  • Podiatry is a signed-up and also controlled health occupation. Podiatry aids improve feet health with prevention and also podiatry therapy troubles such as the following: Foot and also leg injuries or discomfort. 
  • Shin splints 
  • Heel pain 
  • Bunions 
  • Bone fractures 
  • Athlete’s foot and also fungal infections 
  • In-grown nails 
  • Sores, corns, calluses, and also moles 
  • Children’s foot problems 

When you have any foot conditions, also moderate as well as tolerable pain that does not vanish, don’t wait to see a foot expert and also routine a consultation as soon as you can. 

Footwear recommendation

With a comprehensive analysis of your feet, your podiatric doctor can recommend the very best shoes for your various tasks and complex needs. They recommend footwear that can help you stay clear of foot pains, sores, injuries, fractures, and general discomfort. Orthotics prescription Orthoses, extra commonly known as orthotics, are footwear inserts that support the arcs of your feet for improved foot and reduced leg feature as well as lowered pain. Foot doctors commonly suggest custom-made orthotics that are made according to the impacts of your feet and prescribed based upon a thorough assessment of your requirements. Podiatrists/foot doctors are your most acceptable recommendation for self-care suggestions and education and learning when it comes to your feet and lower arm or legs. Their specialization and professional expertise, along with their evaluation procedures, permit them to give you preventive treatment, health and home therapy instructions, and suggestions for the way of living modifications. 

Athletic consultation 

Professional athletes are just one of the most prone to foot and leg injuries, with all their training as well as competitors. If you’re a professional athlete, you would certainly want to have as little training downtime as possible, lower your risk of injury, and have the ability to recover promptly and correctly in case you get wounded. Podiatrists supply analysis, training referrals, as well as injury rehab programs specifically tailored for professional athletes. 

Care for patients with long-lasting foot problems

Foot care is specifically essential for individuals with long-lasting problems such as diabetes, rheumatoid joint inflammation, Parkinson’s condition, and those who have had a stroke. In these situations, foot injuries and sores might take longer to recover and complicate their conditions even more. Foot troubles can quickly be handled and stayed clear of with regular, alert Podiatry care and instant activity. To ensure these solutions and benefits, ensure that your podiatric doctor is certified and experienced. Do your study and request references. For foot and ankle care and comprehensive podiatry solutions in Miller Place, West Babylon, and Patchogue, schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Marotto at CareMed Primary and Urgent Care. 

Podiatrist in Miller Place

Dr. Richard Marotto obtained his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in the year 1993. He then completed his Podiatric Surgical Residency Training Program from New York College of Podiatric Medicine and affiliated hospitals, including Peninsula Hospital, St. Barnabas Hospital, and St. Johns Hospital. Dr. Marotto treats a wide range of foot problems, including but not limited to sprains, diabetic foot care, wound care, heel pain, and nail disorders. His treatment options are tailored to each unique patient.

Dr. Richard Marotta is a board-certified podiatrist practicing in New York since 1994. He currently sees patients at CareMed’s Miller Place, Patchogue, and West Babylon locations.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Marotto, please click here or call at our offices listed below:

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