Is it possible to have flu without a fever?

As urgent care in Long Island, we receive tons of questions from family and friends about symptoms all of the time. A friend could call us and as “Would you’ve flu with no fever? Since I feel as though I could have the flu, but my fever is normal”

Most people are amazed when we tell them yes, you can get the flu with a fever.

Everybody responds differently to diseases and viruses, every virus also attacks individuals a bit differently. So, having the same symptoms to a disease is not a neccasity. There is a range of symptoms a human body can have for flu and are listed here:

Sore throat
Runny nose
Muscle aches

However, not every individual who comes down with the flu is going to have each symptom on the list above. In case you’ve got a mild case of influenza, for example, your body might never get a fever to resist the virus. Or maybe you caught a bad cough but do not have a headache because the flu virus became more active on your lungs than on your sinuses.

Should you develop a flu-like illness, call your physician’s office for advice on what to do. Flu and COVID-19 share many common symptoms (like fever and fever ), which means you shouldn’t self-diagnose at this point. Don’t presume you’ve got the flu rather than COVID-19 — or vice versa. Rather, call your physician at CareMed to discover when you need to get a flu shot, a COVID-19 test, or even something else.

And make sure you isolate yourself from friends and family around and the general public. Both flu and COVID-19 are infectious, and you want to prevent dispersing whatever illness you have to others around you. Put on a mask (at home), maintain a physically remote, and wash your hands regularly.

Additionally, rest and drink lots of fluids that will assist you to feel better fever or not.

If you feel sick, do not hesitate to book in an appointment at CareMed.

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