Immigration Physical – USCIS i-693

CareMed Immigration Physical

USCIS i-693 – Immigration Physical

CareMed Primary & Urgent Care PC is authorized by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to conduct USCIS i-693 – Immigration Physicals for the Department of Homeland Security.

What is required to complete the physical?

  • Basic physical examination using i-693 form.
  • Verification of vaccination/immunity status.
  • Mandatory screening blood and urine tests for:
    • Tuberculosis, Gonorrhea and Syphilis as well as immunity to any required vaccinations.
      • Follow up treatment for positive Tuberculosis results, positive STD screening results and/or any missing vaccinations, may be needed.
    • Completed Covid-19 vaccination series.

What you need to bring with you to your appointment?

  • Current passport or valid government issued photo ID.
  • Vaccination records.
    • Any vaccination records from outside of the US must be officially translated into English.
  • Payment of $250, acceptable in cash or credit, due at the first visit.
    • This covers the cost for the office visit for your physical exam as well as the completion of your i-693 forms.

Please be advised of the following:

  • This visit is considered self pay and is NOT covered through medical insurance.
  • We will take your medical insurance information to provide to the laboratory for them to bill your insurance for the lab tests required.
    • If you do NOT have medical insurance, you will receive a bill from the laboratory for the required lab tests performed.
  • We do offer most of the vaccinations required if no immunity is shown.
    • Depending on your insurance coverage, we may be able to administer the vaccinations in the office or give you a prescription to have it done at the pharmacy of your choice.
    • If you do NOT have medical insurance coverage, we can administer the vaccinations at an additional cost to you.

When your USCIS i-693 physical is complete, you will receive a sealed copy for USCIS as well as a copy for yourself.

To request an appointment for immigration physical, please use this link or call us at any of our locations.