How can someone get sick in lockdown?

It is a baffling situation: You have been after each of the COVID-19 precautions (you are home almost all of the time, for goodness sake!). However, you caught a cold. You may wonder, how the hell did I get ill in lockdown? While sporting a mask (or 2 ) in people, washing your hands regularly, and self-isolating help reduce the spread of COVID-19, you can not eliminate your chance of picking up a virus. Viruses exist in amounts too vast for your mind to comprehend.

Microbiologists have estimated there are 1×1031 viruses in the world. That is enough viruses to “extend for 100 million years” when they had been laid end-to-end. This means it is practically impossible to prevent coming in contact with some virus, however hard you try. Many of the viruses that make us ill — particularly the ones that cause the frequent cold — are more infectious and more challenging to kill than COVID-19.

However, how do you select one of these billions upon billions of viruses if you are barely actually venturing out in people? A few ways. The most likely origin of the disease is that of a human being. Some viruses could be much easier to pick up than the book coronavirus. For example, you may inhale cold, cold germs (yes, even via a fabric mask) by briefly contacting an infected individual, or a person may cough and deposit the virus to the membranes of your eye, causing one to get sick afterward.

But that does not mean your attempts to prevent getting sick are squandered. Wearing masks, washing your hands regularly, and emotionally distancing from different men and women have been demonstrated to slow the spread of COVID (and potentially flu; the situation rate is down considerably this flu season), therefore keep them. And if you still grab a cold anyhow, chalk this up to the sheer quantity of viruses and drink lots of fluids.

And if you still feel really sick or dehydrated, call to book in an appointment with us.

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