Does sore throat mean you are falling sick?

With everyone somewhat hyperaware of the physical symptoms nowadays, you could take note of small things you formerly would have brushed off. Like this tickle in your throat. Can a sore throat imply you are sick?

Not necessarily.

Sure, a sore throat could be an indication of illness, including a cold, strep throat, as well as COVID-19. But a sore throat by itself doesn’t necessarily mean much. Many things can cause your throat to feel dry, scratchy, or sore, for example:

Acid reflux, especially if you wake up with a sore throat that goes away during the day

  • Allergies, such as pet dander and dust mites
  • Coughing or frequent throat-clearing
  • Dry atmosphere (especially during rainy day )
  • Pollen, that persists in some regions yearlong
  • Postnasal drip that’s unrelated to allergies
  • Essentially, if your only symptom is a sore throat, then it might not be anything to get worked up about.

But if your sore throat occurs along with other symptoms such as the ones below, then it may be time to phone your physician’s office to learn what to do.

  • Congestion in the lungs or sinuses
  • Discoloured stains or spots at the back of the mouth/upper throat
  • Fever
  • General malaise (generally feeling unwell, like you have the flu)
  • Headache
  • Intense fatigue
  • Swollen tonsils
  • Should you develop COVID-19 symptoms using a sore throat, then your doctor may direct you to be examined.

But if your sore throat occurs in isolation, then try some home remedies to feel much better:

  • Take antacids or sleep using a wedge pillow if you think acid reflux is causing your sore throat.
  • Groom your pets frequently (and wear a mask while doing it to keep dander out of your sinus passages).
  • Utilize non-medicated lozenges to moisturize your throat and reduce coughing and throat-clearing.
  • Crank up a humidifier to keep your indoor air more comfortable for breathing.

If your sore throat does not go away within a couple of days despite your best efforts, then it’s time to call your physician’s office for a diagnosis.

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